Copper Insulated Wire Company (CIWC)

To streamline the manufacturing process of a copper winding industry of Hubli city.


One of North Karnataka’s leading company involves wire industries and leading manufacturers of Bare & insulated Copper / Aluminium conductors catering and their. The primary target audience is the B2B sector.

The company was looking for the right ERP to automate their core business process and decided to choose Open Source ERP Odoo as a product. Geelani Consultancy & Solutions was the Implementation partner for Open source ERP Odoo.

Problems Facing by Client

  • Manual Weighing
  • Management Of Inventory
  • Records Of Sales and Purchase
  • Automatic Tax Calculations
  • Filing GST

Project Highlights:

  • Customize Finance & Accounting Module as per Indian Accounting Standard
  • Customize CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Accounting to speed up their business process growth
  • Customized to Odoo modules according to business needs
  • Supply chain management
  • Leverage the feature and rich functionalities of the Odoo OpenERP
  • Sales and marketing operations
  • Human resources management
  • Customer relationship management

Applied technologies:

We Introduced Barcoding Facility

In this process a wire bobbin is weighed after the barcode is generated that Barcode we will stick to the bobbin.

Whenever winding is done it is put on a weighing scale the weighing scale reading will get fed into the system automatically. So that on the same barcode weight gets recorded.

No manual entry of the records to avoid errors.

Inventory Management

The major problem any industry faces inventory and reordering part. Suppose if some products is already present in the inventory and we still order it so the old product is dead and sometimes for some reason we don’t order the material and we end up in not fulfilling the customer requirements.

Automatic Detection Of Requirements

To overcome this one problem whenever a quotation was prepared the system automatically showed them the specified products meeting the requirements.

For instance they were winding the copper of a particular thickness of a particular width with a certain material as soon as they enter these details in the Quotation it was automatically showing them ready stock they have and the remaining 

Stock that they want to manufacture. Which was issued as a work order.

The entire thing is carried out in a single form. Also it gives us the status of the work order and stock report etc.  

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