TO stay ahead of competition, to make the best use time, capture all growth opportunities and envision technology advances, you need a consultancy partner.

We often come across a situation where we need to decide between a set of option. A solution which works for one situation does not necessarily work for another. At times, one wrong decision leads to catastrophic losses. It is always advisable to consult experts, analyse the options and make well predictable results. We help an IT firm to focus on only immediate problem, diminishing continuity from one project to the next.

Our team at Geelani Consultancy and Solution is built from experts in the industry. They have worked on small, medium and enterprise level applications.

Our team helps you from the beginning of project to the end. We architect, design, code, build & test. We also help you chose the best suitable hardware solution based on your usage and needs.

Over the years we have helped businesses solve their problems by our expert’s advise.

Our goal is to make your project successful. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ll say what needs to be said to guide you down a fruitful path. We welcome the same honesty from you when solving problems together.

Tackling smaller chunks of a larger solution leads to better projects. Working effectively and efficiently can also lead to unique processes. We’ll help you understand why we do what we do, and we think you’ll enjoy the fresh outlook.

Small starter projects let us produce powerful planning, scope, and resource estimates to solve problems. Our clients are free to implement that knowledge elsewhere. If they continue working with us, we’re able to hit the ground coding.

We love to build right, and build it rightly.
Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services.

For the fluidity of your content, for the integrity of your vision, for the cause of a more durable web.Happy Now?

Providing direction to your team as you execute projects.

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