Geelani Consultancy & Solutions is named after His Holiness Shaikh Abdulqader Geelani R.A (Ghaus-e-Azam), famous Saint and Sufi from Baghdad, Iraq.(1077 AD to 1166 AD).

We introduce ourselves as a value-based company. Geelani Consultancy & Solutions established in the year 2009. The objective of the company is to provide excellent and quality service to the customers. The vision of the company is to emerge as leaders in IT Consultancy and Solutions.

One vision continues to inspire a better life a better world today and for tomorrow. We set ideas in motion that would shape the bright future of the industry. Our vision drives everything that we do,every where in the world.
Indeed, the vision is shared by every progressive companies. The business should be built on ethical practices, trusted products and services. And care for the people, the country and the environment.

Our vision is to deliver excellent products and services to our customers. To be the first choice of our customers and to build a healthy business relation with them. Our aim is to create a large satisfied customer base by delivering efficient, user-friendly, environmental friendly and properly designed products. This will be with an excellent services at reasonable price. Our objective is to encourage our employees, our first assets, by promoting and utilizing their best knowledge and experience.

Our mission is to develop and build vibrant, innovation products, design and ideas. We aim to be the most preferred choice of customers, industry and to make Geelani Consultancy & Solutions and its clients the world leaders. Geelani further aims at creating job opportunities, develop personalities of individuals working for it. We shall cultivate a learning community of students, academicians, researchers and professionals.

Geelani Consultancy & Solutions is seeking smart, innovative and ambitious technology and financial services professionals to join its growing global team.
We look for outstanding candidates in cross-functional areas that include: Computational linguistics, search engine technologies, cloud computing, and securities research.
We are always looking for excellent problem solvers with a sharp intellect and demonstrated creativity.

Once on board, you will work with some of the best minds from diverse disciplines in an intellectually stimulating environment.

Why Choose Us.

We build Software to ease your hard manual process. We architect in such a user-friendly manner, you don’t feel much change. You will feel the convenience and you are abreast with the latest technologies in the market. We do build products within your manual process. We know how much you love it. We automate your manual process in such a way that you don’t even feel something has changed. But you will realise the business impact it has and the benefits it gives.

We are blessed with His Holiness Sheikh Abdulqader Geelani.
We are a dynamic group of engineers, passionate, enthusiastic and hard-workers.
We protect and promote client’s interests.
We treat every client with respect and dignity.
We communicate openly with clients about their requirements and critical areas.
We adhere to moral and ethical code of conduct.
We use genuine products and follow international standards of practice and technology.
We stay abreast with the latest development.

At Geelani, Client is always First.

For Geelani Consultancy and Solutions, the client comes first! We adapt ourselves to your ideas.
We feel that you know your business well, and you have been doing it for all these years. We need to learn how your business is done, and craft our software such that it makes the business process simpler, easier, manageable and efficient.


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